Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML – offering value for the money

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When the world was craving for technology and the boy next door was counting his monthly income, all of a sudden from nowhere, emerged the spectacular hero, Zenfone. There was no more need to be jealous of neighbor’s high end Smartphones as ASUS proved the fact that even money doesn’t matter when it comes to maintaining class and status. During the debut, the Zenfone 5 just made techies flabbergasted with its memory, Intel Processor and a square body line at a price range of just $ 395, that too without compromising on quality.

Scoring excellent in the Benchmark test, it could successfully gather high population of ASUS users in a small time. The prevailing models are quite satisfying with stunning looks, great cameras and rapid performance. But wait, that was past. To show more elegance and dominate the gaming and mobile community, ASUS releases the combination of incredible speed and marvellous engineering, the New Zenfone 2. With Ultra-thin edges and the beauty of Zen, Zenfone 2 comes in many Avatars, which are different under the same name. But among all other, the Zenfone 2 ZE551ML has grabbed the attention to the maximum.

Externals: Design and Display:

ZE551ML comes with an IPS display of 5.5 inches and 1080×1920 screen resolutions. 403ppi of pixel density makes it incredibly sharp on display and considerably bright. The screen is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 3. ASUS has done a great job in calibrating the display with impressive colour and contrast. The power button looks little weird, but fair to control as it bulges out of the body.

Ask any Zenfone users and they will tell no bad regarding the design and structure as that’s what ASUS has a strong hold on. Unlike other brands, SONY and ASUS entered the market with rectangular layouts. ZE551ML also follow the same guidelines, but is slimmer than its predecessors with 3.9 mm edges. Precisely designed with a circular pitch of merely 0.13 mm, makes the user feel natural, secure and extremely comfortable to hold. To add to this, the brushed metal body and smooth plastic on the back can tempt you to hold the phone while wearing a premium suit length.

The removable back cover comes in a wide range of colours ranging from Red, Black to Golden.
One disappointing thing is that the device is a little bit larger and hefty in comparison to previous models of Zenfone.


Internals: Hardware and Software:

The Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop and has a custom Zen User-Interface which is designed to give a look-and-feel beautiful effect. It has a built-in Intel Atom Z3560 processor with a clock frequency of 1.8 GHz. The most special thing about this model is that it shelters a 4 GB RAM, which makes applications and ZenUI features run pretty fast without lagging. The menu scrolls, gestures and navigations are very smooth and almost bug free.

Although heating issues are still prevalent among Zenfone users, it’s manageable because ASUS continuously keeps on working on its pros and cons. Also, ASUS updates its apps and features faster following the feedbacks of its users.

Camera and Connectivity:

Here comes the main deal. Most smartphone buyers give priority to the camera quality and fortunately ASUS never disappoints them. ZE551ML holds a 13MP front camera and autofocus, which delivers brilliant and sharp photo in outdoor. However, the indoor shoots are a little bit noisy and not satisfying. The front camera has a 5 MP sensor and is fine for video chats and selfies.

It carries the latest 4.0 Bluetooth version and till date, no significant issues have been heard regarding connectivity. All credit goes to the 4 GB RAM, which makes the overall connection processes faster and smooth. No other brand provides such specification within the price range.

The audio quality is decent. Zenfone users do suffer from low volume output, but there is at least no distortion and one can comfortably hear music and play movies inside a room.

Another limitation is the 3000mAh battery, which is non-detachable and needs to be taken to Authorized centre for any power failure issues. Battery life is okay during normal use, but the charge drains faster when used for Bluetooth speaker, gaming or 3G connections continuously. On average, the battery remains for a day or half if used to its full capacity. ASUS claims that further updates remove the lacunas.


ZE511ML is a mid-budget smartphone and offers good value for money. It comes at a price of $395. ASUS has a peak brand value in the market for providing the genuine hardware and latest technology in the field of gaming; so go for this smartphone range. Well, no doubt the Zenfone has won the market, but buyers should be aware about it cons after knowing the pros because both the pros and cons are the invariable part, if the quality is concerned. Well, starting its first drawback, the phone comes with a non-removable battery. So, if you have plans to keep an extra spare battery then forget it.

Secondly, the phone has very average quality in image capturing even with 13 MP camera, so an outstanding selfie for FB is also little impossible when it is dark around you. The second SIM supports 2G and brightness of the screen is also dull. So, these are the few disadvantages which can change your mind, but you shouldn’t because it has much more advantages which are worth buying in the minimum amount it comes in.

Therefore, what make Zenfone unique of its kind are the overall facilities it provides in its handsets, at a very affordable price range that no other brand does. The choice of purchase depends on the buyer’s priority as mentioned earlier. If battery life is of main concern, then there are other alternatives in the similar category like one plus one, Xiaomi Mi4 or Sony M4 Aqua. But they don’t have a dual SIM facility and Zenfone 2 (although, one is 2G) remains the only choice if one wants flexibility in communication.

Thus, the product is worth the money spent.

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