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When we talk about search engines, the first name that strikes us is definitely Google. It is estimated that nearly about 6 billion searches are being made on Google everyday. So, the Google is pretty much a powerhouse. So if we consider search engine optimization, which is done mainly to improve site’s search results on any search engine, we would certainly relate it to Google. But optimizing for other search engines such as Yahoo or bing also paramount to a good seo strategy. If we compare seo for yahoo or bing with Google, we will notice that the search optimization with yahoo or bing can help to save time. Carrying out search optimization on yahoo and bing gives more chances of keeping you on the top list. For instance- if we make all our efforts to optimize for Google alone, we will get on the first and second page of the the results. If something goes wrong and the algorithm for the Google changes, it is quite possible that the site we have been working on gets penalized and page gets knocked off into search engine oblivion. While it is much better if we spend 30% of our time optimizing for bing and yahoo as well, so that if in any case we go down in Google’s top search result, there is still a chance that our yahoo and bing still display us on the top priority list, making it easy for our customers to get connected with us on yahoo or bing.


Although Google is the most significant search engine, but people also use alternative search engine in considerable amount. In the year 2013, it was estimated that Yahoo and bing together had 29% market search, which was actually a lot of searches. In the recent times the share might have just increased. So now knowing the demographics we can re plan to create the seo strategies for these two search engines. There is one good news in this regard that yahoo search is powered by Bing, this means that we only need to optimize for one extra search engine rather than two.


The digital marketing companies are there to assist the people and their businesses through search engine optimization. This means that the digital marketing companies will help to improve search engine topics with suggested topic tools and keywords. Thus, we can easily increase traffic to our website with higher rankings. The companies provide bing seo services, which is similar to Google which is based on selection of proper keywords. For gaining up more visibility on Yahoo, it is better to sign up to Yahoo! Directory.

Thus, we should have a search strategy around bing and yahoo in addition to Google.

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