Samsung Galaxy S7 Coming Soon to the Battle Ground

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Samsung Galaxy S series suffered from many limitations and critics because of design, but with a Samsung Galaxy S6 entrance in the market new success gates are opened for the Samsung and new records are expected with the next Samsung Galaxy S7.

However, we have a really good design, but lacks of water resistance characteristics, no MicroSD card slots are the major limitation S6. Price at the start of sales (April) is around 750 USD. Such amount will be willing to pay at all. Samsung is the first to display its flagship 2015 in Asia, and thus falls into the difficult situation dances rates. During the year the dollar rose against the many Asian currencies, and prices must match. As long as it’s hard to believe, but the new reality – is 50 thousand. Now buyers will be pickier, and manufacturers have to fight for their wallets. And you can expect that Samsung Galaxy S7 would come at a cheaper price.


The most serious competitor of Galaxy S6 is none other the iPhone 6. On the side of Apple brand strength, the ecosystem and a little more than a successful camera. Samsung said in favor of novelty, more interesting design and advanced technical features. For the price of comparable models, therefore we should not expect a real battle for the buyer. In this slaughter the weak link will be HTC One (M9), which will have to compete in an unequal battle (obvious trumps in Taiwanese powerful stereo speakers and Sense interface with proprietary applications and services). Separately, we should not forget about last year’s flagship (Sony Xperia Z3, LG G3 and others), which due to the difference in price again relevant. Also, the story won’t end here as new flagship like LG G5 would make it interesting and the Galaxy S7 launch is really far away from now.

Galaxy S6 Pros:

  • Glass and metal, slim body

  • High quality performance

  • Smooth operation, lightweight software

  • Convenient fingerprint scanner

  • Excellent Super AMOLED screen

  • Samsung Pay payment system

  • The new 14 nm processor

  • A good 16 megapixel camera

  • Wireless charging


  • High price

  • No expansion slot

  • Removable battery

  • No moisture protection

  • No built-in FM-radio

  • Soiled, heating body

  • Battery life worse than the S5

Also, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was very interesting surprise but here nothing stops and now people have more fire to see something better and if Samsung would not do something special then Samsung Galaxy S5 could be a failure like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and we hope it won’t happen next year. Also, the fight for next year won’t be easy as every manufacturer is trying their hard to bring something unique to the world, so that they can rule. With the announcement of Samsung Galaxy S7 the market of smartphones is facing a threat, since the specifications of the S7 can rule the smartphone world for atleast a decade.

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