The Major VoIP Complaints and Their Solutions

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Voice Over Internet Protocol is significantly used these days when compared to legacy phone systems. Obviously it has many associated benefits such as over the long distance the phone call becomes less expensive, internet provides the rich medium of communication such as make voice or video calls, send instant messages, transfer images and so on. It also provides the number portability, this means that the phone can use the same number virtually everywhere as long as it has proper IP connectivity. Amidst so many benefits of the VoIP system there are some often problems related with it as well. Let’s take a look at some of these problems and also find a suitable solution for them. The major complaints related with VoIP are:

  • The loss of incoming calls- Just in case you don’t have the voicemail enabled and your ATA is unable to register itself with your VoIP provider, your calls will be ditched after a number of calls. The common reasons for this could be the blocking of signaling to the IAD, loss of your internet connection. Therefore take some help from VoIP service providers, they will either provide you with VoIP anti-blocking solutions, or they will provide some feature of call forwarding upon the loss of registration.
  • The calls are choppy- Choppy calls are a result of inadequate bandwidth, slow internet connection. Well, to deal with this problem you can check for unusual latency, or packet of loss on your connection. Some of the VoIP providers offer a compressed codec, or bandwidth saver setting. You can change your codec settings, even this helps in several cases.
  • An echo is caused- Echo is the sound repeated by one’s own voice at a later interval. It may be caused because of the poor quality phone lines, or due to the presence of other devices such as a separate caller ID at the near end of the IAD.
  • Dial tone is missing- Dial tone might be missing if you don’t have the light on phone 1,  reboot the IAD. Other reasons could be a defective phone caller, unavailable internet connection, or may be any device that is interfering with the VoIP system.
  • Buzzing noise or static- It can be the result of analog interference into the phone lines or phone. The electrical interference can be the because of the wrong power supply for the ATA device, or an electrical voltage being added into the lines by an alarm system, separate caller ID or faulty wiring. So make sure that  you are using the correct power supply to get rid of the problem.

So these were some of the major complaints which are often seen associated with VoIP. The solutions provided are really effective and are an instant fix. So next time when you come across any such troublesome situation, you know that what are their solution.

Keep utilizing and drawing the benefits from Voice Over Internet Protocol.

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