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To cater to the needs of thre IP communication industry , telepacket has come up with a VoIP optimization software solution. VoIP termination service providers often face issues in their business owing to two reasons:

  • High bandwidth cost

  • VoIP blockage.

To deal with these issues Telepacket has come up with offers its flagship project – TP optimization which helps to curtail bandwidth costs and improve margins for IP sevice termination providers. It works in tandem with a VoIP bandwidth saver so that service providers can reduce their business costs.

Telepacket has rich experience and expertise in working with the IP industry. This espertise enables them to provide innovative VoIP optimization and and VoIP anti blocking solutions to VoIP service providers in those areas whwere SIP blockage exsists and has a huge impact on business. An advanced resaerch and development team has been established , with wide ranging expertise in IP technology to provide and develop high end sotware required for the telecom industry.

The use of GSM gateways or SIM box gateways by VoIP termination providers throws up several issues related to high bandwidth consumption and SIP blockage. Research is taking place , looking for solutions to these issues and seeking to put business in a stronger ands success enabling mode. As a result, telepacket offers its flagship product,VoIP optimizer that leads to a reduction of bandwidth consumption by 70% and can bypass calls in places where VoIP blockage exists.

Now VoIP termination business can be enhanced by optimizing the bandwidth upto the maximum level with TP Optimizer. These GSM gateway and SIM box gateway users can greatly enhance business.

Client satisfaction and answering of client queries is paramount in our high quality customer service . The dedicated team provides high quality service to customers on a 24X7 schedule.

In early days accessing the VoIP anti blocking solution in areas where it had been banned by the government was nest to impossible. Now you can access VoIP from areas where it has been blocked with the anti – blocking service. Routing between IP, digital analog and GSM networks is provided by a VoIP. This significantly cuts down costs.-especially the money that they spend on the calls from IP to GSM. VoIP anti-blocking solutions are provided to get the most effective telephone connection all across the countries, and this is the main aim of cost saving . VoIP anti-blocking solution also supports all the major audio codes.

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